We offer excellent after-sales services, and we are proud that we have been a very responsible supplier in winning the confidence of many customers worldwide. This warranty policy started from 1st June 2021 and it covers our Power Wheelchairs, Standing Wheelchairs, and Mobility Scooters range.

Structure Frame (5 years)

We don’t use low-quality material to make the frame, and the welding or joins are made of good workmanship. Many of our customers have been using our products for as long as 10 years. 

Motors, Controller Module (2 years)

We don’t repair these old electronic parts but will only send you NEW replacement parts. We will even pay for the shipping cost to your doorsteps within the warranty period. (We will need to withdraw the defective parts for study and improvement purposes).

Battery & Charger (1 year)

You may find that all other companies will only provide 6 months maximum for the battery or charger, but we offer you 1 year. We use only high-quality Li-ion battery packs; they are meant to be long-lasting, just like an iPad battery. 95% of our customers have used the same original battery for more than 4 years. (We also found some customers have been using the same battery packs for 8 years.) 

Remarks: This battery warranty covers only if the user charges the battery & uses the wheelchair regularly. It means the user will charge and discharge the battery at least once a week. For any user that purchased and did not charge the battery or did not use the product for long, we are sorry to say that the battery will die just like the car battery.

Wear & Tear Parts (None)

Below wear & tear parts are subject to the care and maintenance of the user; however, we charge a very reasonable price for them, so don’t worry.

  • Storage or Travel Bag
  • Armrest Pad (Please do not peel or scratch the pads during usage)
  • Cables (Please do not clamp the cables during folding or transport)
  • Nuts & Bolts (Please tighten the screws regularly when necessary)
  • Tires & Bearings (Please do not put your mobility equipment under Sun)
  • Backrest & Seat Cushion (Please clean it regularly for hygiene purposes)

Transfer of Ownership

Should the original buyer transfer the ownership of that chair to others within the warranty period, we need to update the new user’s details to continue the warranty.

WARRANTY Disclaimer

The warranty only covers NON-DELIBERATE OR NON-ACCIDENTAL Damage. Damaged caused by user negligence, accidental damages, intentional or not, are not covered under warranty. Products that have been subjected to negligence, abuse, improper storage or handling, improper operation, any modifications, misuse are not covered by the warranty. Any damage caused by improper usage or normal wear and tear is not covered, and you should not use the Warranty Claim. If you’re sure you need to file a warranty claim, kindly provide as much information as you can about the issue.

Should your product has a problem, don’t worry. Kindly provide us photos and videos to indicate the problem, which will help us identify the situation faster. If photos or videos are not provided, warranty parts will not be provided for free. Mutual understanding is always needed to be fair to both parties. 

Service & Maintenence

Wheelchair88’s products require very little maintenance. Still, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance & upkeep of the wheelchair for longevity. Even a little cleaning now and again will go a long way to keeping your wheelchair looking & functioning like new, and we highly recommend it.

If you need help, the first step is to shoot a short video indicating the problem and then contact us through our official website wheelchair88.com. You may also drop us an email to the customer service that you communicated with, and they will assist you effectively.