About Me:

I am glad that you spare your precious time reading this. My name is C.Y, the founder of Wheelchair88 Ltd. Before I started this company, I had more than a decade of experience in body fitness and product manufacturing. Our production facility can handle mold making, welding, CNC, surface treatments, etc. All these manufacturing experiences definitely helped to overcome many difficulties when we started Wheelchair88 in 2012.

Since young, I was obsessed with creative products especially those that help to improve the quality of life. Over the years of having different businesses, I couldn’t gain much sense of satisfaction until I started with Wheelchair88 to change people’s lives positively. Since then we often receive thank you letters and testimonials from our customers. The content they express motivates me and my team day by day, and the joy derived is something that money can’t buy. Thank you to everyone.

Ever since my father’s 3rd stroke, I realized that I had to create our own power chair that is extremely lightweight and compact. Not only because my back is weak and sore due to genetic issues (early cartilage degeneration), but also because I hope to take my father to travel as much as possible while he is still with me.

In fact, apart from the experience of taking care of my father, I have gained tremendous knowledge by communicating and exercising with other disabled and elderly that I have encountered through the business. I know it is important to take the time to understand their needs if we want to provide the best mobility solutions for users with different disabilities.

My father’s amazing recovery:

My father’s 1st stroke was quite minor and only affected his movement slightly, and he recovered to normal not long after that. His 2nd stroke badly affected his left side and he hardly went out. His 3rd stroke was a lot worse, as he couldn’t even feel his body from neck downwards and needed to use a gastrostomy feeding tube instead of eating normally. At the same time, doctors said he would be bedbounded forever because a large portion of his brain was damaged and the brain stem has major clot. They said there was nothing they can do to improve his life.

I am a believer of miracles and decided to make a change for him. We managed to help him recover 50% within 6 months through a series of mental and physical training (exercising with visualization and imagination). He was then able to sit well on a wheelchair and the right side of body was able to move. The feeding tube was removed, and he started to eat by himself. Even the doctors felt it was a miracle (Should you be interested to know more details about how he regained his independence by exercise, please feel free to contact us for details. We will be glad to share our personal experiences and knowledge with you.).

At first we pushed him with a manual wheelchair, but after a while I felt that by passively waiting for us to push his chair will further damage his mind. I knew he needs a lightweight and compact power chair for daily use, so he can move around easily. So we started to create the first Foldawheel in the market.

After my father started to use the Foldawheel, I can see that he became more active and proud to go out. We also get him to use the standing wheelchair to improve health condition, and now he can grab something to stand up by himself. I have to emphasize that every effort and investment we made was worthy.