How Wheelchair88 Started

The initial intention was to make a portable power wheelchair for my father after his 3rd stroke incident. (This time, the stroke was a lot worse than the previous ones, and I would like to share his amazing recovery story with those interested). I desperately wanted to take him out as much as possible, especially since I thought these would be his last few years with me when I saw his condition. I hoped my father could have a sense of freedom while going out with us, and I knew that a portable power chair was the solution.

However, at the time, it seemed like the choices available in the market were either too heavy, bulky, or extremely expensive. And although I may look strong, I had a bad back problem, and my mother was old with weak arms. Finally, I decided to create a power chair that had to be lightweight and foldable, so I could carry it in and out of the car easily or check-in as luggage if we were to travel by plane.

After testing many prototypes for over a year, I gave my father the lightest power wheelchair in the world in 2012, which I named it “Foldawheel”. He became more outgoing, and to my surprise, many people stopped my father while he was driving the Foldawheel. They wanted to know where to buy a unit like that. My father told them, “If you leave me your contact details, I will make sure you get one.” Then he told me not to make me lose face, and we must make good products so that others can enjoy their freedom just like him.

Through the feedback of our initial users, including my father, we kept on improving and modifying the products day by day. Gradually, we developed more models of power wheelchairs to suit users with different disabilities. Wheelchair88 started to operate in 2013, and since then, we have had customers all over the world. Foldawheel becomes the most reliable foldable power wheelchair due to good quality and after-sales service. The funny thing is, initially, many “manufacturers” said that Foldawheel wouldn’t work as it is so different from what’s on the market and it was too small and lightweight. But then they started to copy our designs after they realized people really love our products!