(The most functional standing wheelchair)

Draco standing wheelchair is the best electric standing wheelchair that equips with full function capability allows you to move, stand, sit, recline and lie down in safe and comfortable positions.

(Lightweight Semi-Power Standing Wheelchair)

Pegasus allows you to easily change your sitting or standing position by a control button, excellent for users with weaker arms or hands. It is very portable as it can be dismantled and fit in a car trunk.

(The Lightest Standing Wheelchair)

Leo is excellent for active users with relatively strong upper limbs. It is the lightest standing wheelchair in the world and can be dismantled to fit in a car trunk. Replace your daily active chair with this will greatly improve your health & quality of life.


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Foldawheel – The Lightest Foldable Power Chair in the World

Foldawheel PW-999UL is the most compact and lightest power wheelchair in the world. Being the 1st company to create this type of lightweight foldable power chair since 2012, Foldawheel is proven to be high quality and durable vs market products

Lightest in the World

Foldawheel PW-999UL is the lightest foldable power chair in the world at only 20.5kg (45 lb)

1 second Open / fold

Open/Fold in just 1 second, and it can easily fit in a small car trunk.


Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion batteries to be more durable, safer, lighter, and longer lasting.

Up to 5 Years Intn'l Warranty

We will handle after sales service & parts required doesn’t matter where you are.

Leo (The Lightest Standing Wheelchair)
Stand anytime anywhere independently to prevent health problems associated with “long periods of wheelchair sitting ” including pressure sore, skin breakdown, poor blood circulation, nerve pain, bone density loss, and tendon shrinkage.


Leo is the lightest standing wheelchair in the world. Total weight at only 27kg (60 lb) and can reduce to 22kg (48 lb) when travel.


4 wheels are detachable with foldable backrest for easy handling or storage during trips, so you can stand anytime anywhere.


Safety is extremely important when it comes to standing wheelchair, it also comes with different types of strap for knee, calve, waist and chest to enhance safety.


It is built to be durable and comfortable for the active you.